Appreciation !!


       My Appreciation!!

Come Ye Apart ‘Prayer Retreat 2024’

Come Ye Apart 2024 was amazing and successful. The glory and the power of the Holy Spirit was tangible, there was evidence of the Presence of God in our midst.
All the participants were blessed and experienced the Power and Fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit filled and healed some of us. There was healing of arm that was stiffened, back and hips pains that limited a women from walking was healed, a woman that could not bend her knees because of several operations were able to kneel down after many years. All these miracles were done by the Holy Spirit for no one laid hands on them for healing.

The ministration and the word of God was powerful and no one could deny that God was in the midst of us. I am sure God has anointed us and raised us to be His battle Axe and weapon of war in His Kingdom at this end times.

I believe the same anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit we have received in the prayer retreat is also upon Seek The Lord Prayer Ministries worldwide, God’s Glory House and all the participants and the body of Christ.

I couldn’t recover from His wonderful visitation and I will forever stand in awe of His Majesty and His love for us as a ministry, church and individual.

I want to thank God Almighty for His faithfulness and I thank all the participants for yielding to the Holy Spirit and for being part of the great move of the Holy Spirit in STLPM, as well as for your labour in the work.

If you are led to be part of Come Ye Apart 2025 please be free to register on our web-site( page: Vision & Mission – section : Come ye Apart) and you can invite other christians.  

February 28-March 2 2025 in UK – The Hayes Conference Derbyshire.

Zimbabwe Crusade

 The crusades were inspired by the Holy Spirit through Evangelist Blessing Andrews to whom the message was revealed. STLPM worked in partnership with Zimbabwe Pastors Ngove and Pastor Mangwiro to deliver the mission. The crusades were held from the 11th April -13th April. We give Glory to God for success of the crusades and the fulfilment of the mission as many souls were saved.

 On Day 3 for exemple  (13 April -4pm -7pm)

Evangelist Blessing preached on the power in the blood of Jesus, many people gave their lives to Jesus. The sick was prayed for, and people were healed. The crowd was given the opportunity to give testimonies:

·       1 man was healed of a hand condition which prevented him from doing his job as a shoemaker.

·        Woman was healed from a swollen and painful leg after being prayed for at the crusade.  ( you will read more about this Crusade Report on our Bulletin _ coming soon).

The crusade was a mission accomplished as it reached its goals of soul winning and helping the needy. Many people were saved, and a great number attended the church on Sunday. Glory be to God as He made a way and the supply of all the crusade’s needs, and for touching people’s hearts to be partakers of this mission. Our dearest thanks goes to God Almighty. It is because of his grace and mercy that all went well, and we thank God for Pastor Ngove and his church for the sacrifice and commitment they gave towards the crusade may God richly bless them. Thank you to all your participations.